Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ghost of Cabin 664

I just published The Ghost of Cabin 664 at Smashwords. It's a (FREE) short story, inspired by Chinese ghost tales.

Chinese ghost tales are different than in the West. Usually, the ghost is traveling rather than haunting a specific place. More often than not, the ghost is seeking revenge for some injustice done to them in life, and only through obtaining that revenge can the spirit be put to rest. I used these themes within Ghost, setting the tale on a cruise ship with a ghost that is looking to correct an injustice.

Publishing this go-round was a lot easier than when I published Foo Foo, mostly because I had a template document already set up and waiting. Foo Foo took at least 8 hours to prepare for publication, and this round only took about 4 hours. I had one extraneous tab in the file and Smashwords spit it back out at me, but that was corrected easily enough and off it went into the Premium Catalog queue. We'll see how that goes, but I don't anticipate any problems.

Ghost has already garnered one four-star review, wholly unsolicited. It's an awesome review:

 There are some interesting things going on in this author's mind. All you have to do is read his profile and the author's notes to see that. It's great that some of those interesting things are making it onto the page. This story was enjoyable and well written.
I giggled incessantly. Interesting things, indeed! If you people only knew!

Life has been crazy. I broke up with my girlfriend for being a lying bint. Frailty, thy name is woman. Oh well, her loss. I'm better for it. I feel better about myself than I have in a long time; I feel liberated. I'd rather be single than be lied to, yaknowhatImean?

Besides, I've still got my right hand, and it doesn't fucking complain if we skip the foreplay.

My mom has breast cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She had a double mastectomy in April. This has put a damper on my creativity, but it has improved our relationship a lot. We're able to talk without snapping at each other, which is a plus. It's a shame that it took forty years and some fucked-up cellular divisions to make it happen, but I'm glad for it nonetheless. I've been cooking a lot of dinners for my parents and enjoying the time I've been spending with them.

My muse has been off crack-whoring in strange ports of call, but I think I've wrangled her ass back, and I'm hoping to produce some more words on paper very soon.