Friday, May 23, 2014

Procedural Language Generator

As of late, I've been spending far more time tinkering with linguistics for my tastes. For instance, I took a three day diversion from a paragraph to figure out the linguistic rules set just to establish a two word phrase. The language is from a far-off country called Eshet, whose citizens wear a particular style of ankle-length toga. The fashionable people of Anchorest love the style, but in order to continue to sound fashionable they kept the name straight from the Eshan language, which is lor nobre in Eshan, and never mind that in their own language it just means 'the long cut'.

Granted, that far-off land is pretty important and the language will end up being used a lot more than those two words that it initially spawned, so the time isn't necessarily wasted. It could just be better-spent doing some actual writing.