Friday, May 17, 2013


I've been quiet as of late, it would seem. However, my pen has yet been flowing, as I've been working on a full-length, gritty, low fantasy novel called Fallen Rise. Plot-wise, it's about a young woman of high birth who has fallen into disrepute, and she must redeem herself in order to claim what is rightfully hers. There's romance, high adventure, murder, magic, plague, demonic infestation, addiction, betrayal and brotherhood, just to name a few thematic elements. I'm about halfway finished with it, having hit the 55k word mark this week. Ultimately, it'll be about 100k-120k words. I've had a few alpha readers along the way, and feedback has been very positive. I've been flitting back and forth between writing, editing, and world-building, and on the days the proverbial pen hits the paper, I've been knocking out about 1000-1500 words per session. It's the largest project I've ever worked on, encompassing thousands of hours of work (world-building has gone on for 7 years). All the preparation has allowed the words to flow with relative ease, and I'm hoping it will evolve into a series of books. It should be ready come summer. That's when the agent shopping-fun begins.

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